Youth clubs are playing a significant role in working for social and cultural progress through social, arts, sports, cultural, educational and health activities. The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board has been implementing massive schemes for the empowerment of clubs that are growing through small collectives in our areas. The aim of setting up the clubs is to involve young people in social issues, provide necessary help to the people, thereby inculcating the social commitment of the youth. The objective of the scheme is to expand the activities of different clubs in the areas of agriculture, transgenders, differently-abled persons and flats, to intervene in issues in their respective areas, and to expand the activities of the existing youth and yuva clubs.

The clubs covered under this scheme are:
1. Flat Club
2. Agriculture Clubs
3. Youth and Yuva Clubs,
4. Avalidam(Yuvathi Clubs )
5. ‘YES’ Clubs
6.Marivil Clubs (Transgender).

1)Flat Clubs
As part of urbanisation, flats have become a society that is reduced to oneself amidst the hustle and bustle. Hence the emerging youth are not getting the opportunity to fit into the spaces of social constraints. Although they are educated and have knowledge in science, but they are part of superstitious beliefs and anti-democratic activities. It aims to make them a part of the society through various interventions in their places.The club is formed by bringing together the youth between the ages of 15 and 35 in the flat, providing various trainings, enabling engagement in the general community, improving mental and physical health through yoga and physical training despite the hustle and bustle of the flat and making them a part of the society. Around 1000 youth of the state will benefit from this scheme.

2)YES(club for the intellectual disabled)Clubs
A total of 14 clubs have been formed in the state under the name ‘YES’ for youth belonging to differently-abled category as one club in one district. The members of this club are intellectually disabled (Intellctually disability) between the ages of 15 and 40. The office-bearers of the club will be a committee consisting of patrons. Financial assistance is provided for the initial activities of the clubs. Along with this, a training programme on caring for the intellectually challenged was also organized involving the members of the youth club. In addition, with the participation of these clubs, events such as trips and interactions with prominent personalities are organized at the district or state level. In the current financial year, it is proposed to provide training to differently-abled children in yes clubs in various fields. The training is given to selected children of these clubs. For this, we will seek the cooperation of Magic Planet – Magic Academy, which is doing exemplary work in this field. Also, once in two months, ‘YES’ organizes a get-together of the members and parents of the clubs and provides an opportunity to showcase their creativity.
3)Marivil Clubs(Transgenders Club):-
In order to bring the transgender community in the state into the mainstream of the society and to promote their art and cultural activities, it is proposed to implement a variety of projects as per the possibility. Awareness camps, vocational trainings such as embroidery, fabric saree painting, fashion designing, graphic designing, jewellery making, seminars, art and sports events, etc. will be organized. Along with the implementation of various schemes in all the 14 districts of the state, a state-wise collective of transgenders will be organized.
4)Agricultural Clubs :-
 In order to attract the youth to the field of agriculture and to ensure food security, the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board directly constitutes agricultural clubs.For the schemes submitted by the agricultural clubs or the schemes implemented by the Board, financial assistance will be provided to a club for various agricultural activities as the share of the Board, depending on the beneficiaries and the total cost. In addition, agriculture competitions and collective farming activities will be organized by involving these clubs. The public ponds in the state have been reclaimed and fish farming is being started under the leadership of agriculture clubs.
Aquaculture by reclaiming , public ponds :-
Fish is a high-protein source of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and other nutrients. People in India and other parts of the world consume it on a daily basis. The prices of fish and fish products are increasing day by day as the demand increases. As a result, commercial fish production has become a profitable business. It refers to commercial agriculture and the rearing of fish in freshwater systems such as tanks, ponds and other environments for food production. Preparing the pond before the start of fish production is an important step that has a direct impact on productivity.

Apart from promoting fish farming, the project also aims to identify public ponds in the state, clean them and preserve them in an eco-friendly manner. The primary activities are preparing the pond, removing weeds, eliminating mudding and raising the depth of the pond. The pond is being prepared under the leadership of agricultural clubs. After that, they are engaged in depositing the chicks of the fish in the pond. The distribution, fish storage and marketing of fish seedlings can be carried out with the cooperation of the Fisheries Department.

5)Youth – Yuva Clubs
 The Kerala State Youth Welfare Board has been conducting a number of activities in youth and yuva clubs for the empowerment of the youth of Kerala. Youth clubs in association with the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board ,and directly implementing various schemes and activities across the state. Financial assistance will be provided for the implementation of innovative projects that can be implemented in practice, intended for the social good and have contemporary relevance by examining the projects submitted by various youth and yuva Clubs. In addition, collective activities will be formed by involving these clubs.

6) Avalidam (Yuvathi Clubs)
 One women’s club has been formed under all the local self-governing bodies with the aim of empowering the women in the state. In this way, 1040 clubs have been formed across the state. These clubs provide infrastructure development, library, legal aid committee, counselling centre and facilities for self-training. The plan also aims to form more clubs.Women’s development schemes implemented by the Youth Welfare Board, awareness programmes against dowry, domestic violence and sexual harassment, pre-marital counselling, art and sports development programmes, self-employment vocational training and skill development programmes are implemented through these clubs and at the state/district level involving the members of the clubs.